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medical center midland tx

Client Reviews

I love Cheryl. When we moved to West Texas it was hard to find a doctor's office that would fit you in without months of waiting. My husband Grady and I fell in love with the entire staff. They were awesome every time we went in. We loved the nurse Chris also. She was always very helpful. Now that we have moved back to Houston area we wish we could have taken Cheryl and her staff with us. Miss you guys!

Katrina White-Woods

Cheryl is my favorite doctor. She takes the time to listen, encourage, and/or sympathize. I've been to others, but not anymore. My previous favorite- Dr. Dean Watson- died years ago, and then I found Cheryl. Sometime there are long waits, but its worth it to find a doctor you like. All the people in the office are very nice too. Thank you Cheryl for all you do!

Kathy Boulter

Practitioner Vallie is very down to earth and knowledgeable. Besides your expected health/illness/injury, she offers a few derma spa and weight loss options. We use her as my family practitioner for myself, and two children. Both kids (9, and 10) are comfortable with her manner, and I especially like her calm manner.


She is helping me in so many ways. She has woken me up now and is going to help me reach my goal. Thank you Cheryl for this!

Janet Nichols

Cheryl and her staff always treat me like family!

Angela J. Shelton

Wait is sometimes long because she is so good!

Debbie Wood

Being retired, waiting is not usually a problem for me. It happens in all Dr offices. Thing is, at C Valles office it's worth the wait. Wife and I love Cheryl Vallie and her entire Staff.

John McMilan

I love Cheryl and all of her staff. They have always made me feel like I am their #1 concern while treating me. I highly recommend Cheryl!

Sherry Gonzalez

I love Cheryll & her amazing nurses .. wait times can get a bit long but she is worth it!

Jeanette Lynn

I tell you that Cheryl makes her practice. I'm not sure how she juggles everything she does and keeps it straight. She a real person, she listens, and best of all she wants to get you help. I'm sold. #amazimgwoman. The office can be a little chaotic, but you can tell those girls are working hard. She and her office get my vote for what it's worth.

Lori Gable

I like Cheryl as a np but trying to get anything done is so hard sometimes!! It took me almost a month to get some written prescriptions. Now I'm trying to get my short term disability claim finished and it's taking them so damn long that now I'm at my dead line and may not get it now because of her part!!! She does so need a better person at the front counter!!!

Tina Chatham

Dr. Cheryl Vallie is wonderful!! I was told everything that I needed to know during my visit last year. She is definitely one of the best Doctors in Midland, for sure. You can definitely put your faith and trust in her! As a devout Christian lady, along with her husband, you can be rest assured Our Lord is working through her everyday in her profession.

Jerry Lefevre II

She knows what she is talking about, listen to her and heed her advice. She does like to prescribe the most expensive drugs so be careful about that. Most are not available in generic form so you have to have the pharmacy call and get a alternate choice. Long wait times but I guess that's normal these days. Honest and caring. Very nice.

Mary Volkmuth Hawkins

Love Cheryl!! Staff is friendly and gets things done! I have an HMO and she is my PCP and was having some issues with referrals etc. and they took care of everything, highly recommended. If you want a doctor to just give u what you want, this may not be the place, but if your looking for expert guidance and care... this is your place.

Blair W.

Why would you write a review and trying to make a company look bad you haven't seen to be able to rate them. Should of keep trying to get in you would've been glad you did.
Have seen Cheryl for years! Cheryl Vallie and her staff are amazing if I call they get me in as soon as possible. Lots of times the same day. I may have to wait but once Cheryl comes in the room she spends as much time with me as need be for whatever reason I am there. And for that reason I know she is giving someone else the same attention so I don't mind wait. Morene at the from desk is awesome as well as all her nurses they are always so kind. Would highly recommend.

Shawnda Tate

She is really good, also easy to get into see most of the time.

Venetta Provancha-Jackson

My visit was great! Waited a little but that's expected when the weather is 30degrees outside.

Eric Lee Sanchez

I love her and all of her office people to pieces... they are all amazing

Shelley Jones

Best Dr in town! She takes the time to listen to everything that's of concern to you! She doesn't treat you like an idiot. She doesn't run you in an out with your head spinning and you realize you left without most of your questions answered. I have most all my employees going to her also and they all love her too!!!

Kristie Jo Green Evans

After moving to Midland in 2009 my wife and I searched high and low for a Family Dr, most were either closed practice or couldn't see us for weeks. When I became sick Cheryl is the only one that would see me that day. After 3 years I wouldn't go anywhere else...fact! Cheryl has helped us more than we thought possible and the staff is great. Ole Adage "people don't care who you are or what you know, until they know you care" and Cheryl Vallie sincerely cares.

Bryan King